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My 4 Pillars For America's Foundation Repair


 Jobs Program

My jobs program. My jobs program will redefine America. It will save the communities, rekindle the love, passion & brotherhood of neighborhoods, reestablish self policing & responsibility of the community members, educate people on life and work skills, create pride, wealth and a new face for every single community in America, all from within to include young and old in all aspects. America will gain strength from its most valuable resource, the people. I believe I can save social security and end the violence to finally unite us all as citizens and drastically improve your lifestyle without being overbearing and intrusive. This is a program everyone will enjoy and want to be involved in. It is a beautiful life and country saving program. Loosely based on the C.C.C. that built our roads, my program will utilize construction & farming. For example, we will take a dilapidated apartment complex in the slums, bring in retired tradesmen to teach members of the community how & why we use certain tools and teach them how to do it. Class in the morning, work during the day and class to end the day to recap. This will educate and give skills, create pride in accomplishment, create self policing & even give people some college credit as I have spoken to many of our technical schools that are absolutely on board with this program. Certain days we will bring in life skills teachers as well. This will put Wisconsin in the lead & we will be a shining example to the entire country.


Felony 2A - Prison Reform

 Felony 2A/Prison reform. Let's say Grandma made a mistake and shouldn't of taken money from the church, but to revoke her 2nd amendment right to protect herself and her property is ridiculous. The overreach, creation and abuse of felony status to disarm the people must stop. Once a debt to society is paid it's over, give the guns back, let them vote and become a normal person with constitutional rights. A violent situation is obviously a different story to be dealt with per situation. In addition the private prison system is a supply and demand industry. Laws have been established to assure demand for population is met. There are no real treatment programs in prisons and unless a danger to society, most should be in a completely different environment getting help. This is also an area where something similar to my jobs program (Pillar 1) can be utilized to truly rehabilitate wayward souls. My reforms will once and for all end this insanity and free the people.


Clean Food and Water Act

The Clean food and Water Act. I will start an end to this toxic nightmare by removing fluoride from the water along with raising the extremely outdated standards. I will also demand all school and welfare recipients only receive organic products, we will definately be reviewing our welfare system as well . I will release the farmers from the mafioso like activity of Monsanto. Our trade in produce is bad because no other countries want our GMO crops. Many of, if not the majority of agricultural countries have banned this corporation. They have lobbied their way into the FDA and forced families out of business with attorneys like big tobacco. I will create incentives for restaurant and grocery franchises to utilize local farms for their products. I'm giving the country back to the farmers who built it and kicking out roundup (glyphosate) and every other cancer in the industry. The labels and truth in advertising will return to your food as well. I will allow and advocate alternative medicine. This will end much of the health crisis and dependence on chemicals by addressing the core issue of the decency of what you ingest along with bringing back the wealth and prosperity of our founding industry along with other industries such as local trucking and manufacturing. This will force pharmaceuticals to also look to natural alternatives to stay relevant.


End The Teachers Union

End the teachers union. I will end the teachers union and moving forward all teachers will be hired based on merit and will negotiate their own benefits and wages and be subject to reviews and evaluations. These decisions belong in the people's hands and will be done on a local level. I will also make positive that the school books, content and material is factually correct, written and made in America. We will teach cursive and return the arts and sports but especially bring back shop class, home economics and other vocational programs. Enough with the nonsense indoctrination and experimentation on our brightest resource.

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