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John Leksander




I'm not a politition so I'm not going to mince words. I am not a democrat or a republican I consider myself a Christian Viking & the party name I will use is the party of "We The People". I am absolutely disgusted with politicians that have the "Israel first" mentality instead of America first. I will not do anything for special interests, nor will I accept money from AIPAC or big Pharma.  I will work for YOU the Legal American Citizen. We need to get rid of & hold accountable these bought off satanic perverts in office and stop the madness. Wisconsin should be a leader in agriculture thus I'll make efforts to kick Bayer/Monsanto out of our state with their glyphosate & round up ready seeds and find ways to hold them accountable for the destruction & damage they've already caused. I want all of our small business up & running and the churches open. I'm absolutely against mask mandates nor do I want people vaccinated with this abhorrent DNA altering experiment. I think marijuana should be legal & hemp used to detoxify our farmland. I want the fluoride removed from our water & the spraying of heavy metals in our skies stopped. I want criminal justice reform and to stop the incentives for populating private prisons. I'm pro constitution as it was written. Wisconsin should be a leader in education as well, teachers should be hired and paid based on merit. I'm well aware of the politicians buying off underprivilaged large communities with lies and false hopes swinging votes to keep their power. My jobs program will bring life, love and liberty back to our struggling communities. My background is farming, construction & the arts, I operate successful companies in all of the mentioned fields. Its time to bring back dignity & respect to our great state of Wisconsin and with your approval I will focus on nothing but saving our great state so you can be proud again regardless of race, color or creed.   

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