I’m the CEO of LeksIII llc. We design, develop & build homes, hotels, farms, restaurants, commercial real estate and more. We also do building alterations. I hold state building & electrical contractor licenses among other credentials. Our projects have been noted & reported on in various media outlets including national publications such as the USA Today & various others. We have stellar in house professionals from architects and designers all the way to installation professionals. All we do is win

I also own a globally recognized record label “LeksIII Productions” of which our active distribution hub is based in Germany. I can boast that we topped the iTunes sales charts in 6 countries with one of my singles “Only in Paris” as a label and as an artist. I also enjoyed many years behind the microphone interviewing guests and operating a radio program. I maintain a fully functioning recording studio utilizing the latest technology. This activity has created many relationships in the media industry. I’m am also an active investor with interests in block-chain technology. 

In addition to all of that I own and operate an organic farm and food preparation facility in Wisconsin. We are formulating a plan to enhance your life with revolutionary changes to organic supply, delivery & receipt methods. In my professional opinion LeksIII is the future! Join us!